Justin Bieber’s Florida DUI Trial Set for May

Justin Bieber Goes to Trial for Florida DUI in May On Tuesday, March 11th, a trial date for Justin Bieber’s Florida DUI charge was set for May 5th.Bieber was formally charged with driving under the influence of drugs, resisting arrest, and possessing an invalid driver’s license.No plea deal has been offered to the young Canadian pop star, who has officially pleaded not guilty to the DUI charges. Often, first offenders receive a plea deal to avoid potential jail time."All we're going to say is, we're going to prepare for a trial and … [Read more...]

Kerry Kennedy’s DUI Trial Begins in NY

Kerry Kennedy Alleges Drug Mix-Up at DUI Trial Kerry Kennedy’s DUI trial began on Monday, February 24th, alleging that the niece of the late president John F. Kennedy caused a car accident while under the influence of a sleeping aid.The 43-year-old Kennedy alleges that she accidentally took an Ambien, rather than her thyroid medication, before getting behind the wheel of her Lexus. The unfortunate drug mix-up led her to cause a car accident with a tractor-trailer, continue to drive, and then fall asleep behind the wheel further down the … [Read more...]