Best DUI Mugshot

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Last week, 24-year-old Michelle Watson of Prescott, Arizona was driving drunk in her Honda Civic.  Authorities said her blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

She eventually crashed into several curbs and went up on the sidewalk.

Police officers pulled the her over and gave her a field sobriety test.  When they asked her to walk in a straight line, she told them, “I don’t have to walk [blanking] anywhere.”

Then she got impatient, shoved and wrestled with one officer, and kneed the other one in the groin while she was being handcuffed.

Then she decided to kick the inside of the cop car to escape.

Finally the suspect was charged and went to jail.  When she got to jail and they took her mugshot, she gave a huge smile and a Fonzie type thumbs up to the camera.

She was charged with aggravated assault on a cop, resisting arrest, and a DUI.

By: South Carolina DUI Lawyer Pete Strom

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