Drunk Drivers of Mopeds Beware

The State newspaper reported Wednesday that a new prefiled bill would outlaw driving under the influence while on a moped. Currently mopeds are excluded from the definition of “motor vehicle” under South Carolina law. The bill, H. 3163, amends the definition of motor vehicle to remove the exclusion of mopeds, thus making any use of a moped while driving under the influence illegal. The text of the bill states as follows: SECTION    1.    Section 56-5-130 of the 1976 Code is amended to read: "Section 56-5-130.    Every vehicle which is … [Read more...]

Top 5 Mistakes Drivers Make When Stopped for DUI in South Carolina

DUI in South Carolina is a serious offense with serious penalties. It is important for you to know what to do if stopped by an officer for driving under the influence. Below is a list of 5 mistakes NOT to make if you are pulled over for driving under the influence. Do not answer any questions about how much you have had to drink. You should not be rude, but simply state that you prefer not to answer the question or state that you would prefer to talk to an attorney first. Do not take a field sobriety test. Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs)are … [Read more...]

Man Charged with DUI after Driving to Police Station

Louisiana Man Drives Drunk to Police Station to File DUI Accident Report A Louisiana resident has been arrested on DUI charges after driving drunk to a police station to file an accident report. According to authorities, Patrick Ruffner, 31, called the police on Saturday around 3 AM after he was involved in a hit-and-run crash in Baton Rouge. As the victim of the crash, police told Ruffner to go to Troop A Headquarters to file an official report. However, when Ruffner arrived at the station, Trooper Jared Sandifer noticed that the man … [Read more...]

No Film in the Camera: South Carolina’s Murky DUI Laws

SC Police Are Not Required to Take Video of DUI Suspects, Says SC Supreme Court On May 29th, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that police are not required to film DUI suspects after they refuse to take a breathalyzer test. The decision came after much controversy around a law put on the books in 2006, that required police officers to videotape DUI suspects for about 20 minutes while they administered the breathalyzer test. Because the law was unclear, many officers turned the camera off when the DUI suspect refused a breathalyzer. … [Read more...]

SC Man Charged With 6 DUIs In a Year

A Greenville County man was allowed to remain out on bond, after being charged with driving under the influence six times in the Upstate. Prosecutors said all of the charges against Warren Brooks are considered "first-offense" because none of them have been resolved in court yet and, therefore, there are no DUI convictions. Brooks received his first DUI charge in August 2010. A breathalyzer test revealed high amounts of alcohol in his system and he posted the bond, which was set at $4,000. The second charge was on May 19 when the … [Read more...]

Gamecock ‘Bama Game Brings ESPN GameDay and Die Hard Fans

ESPN is already setting up this morning to broadcast GameDay from the University of South Carolina Horseshoe.   Drawing a larger crowd to an already sold out event. So whether you plan to camp out tonight for GameDay, plan to tailgate tomorrow, or are lucky enough to have tickets for the game,  we remind you that law enforcement will be out in full force targeting driving under the influence (DUI) and underage drinking. Anticipating the arrival of the number one team in the Country tomorrow, football fans may also be arrested and charged … [Read more...]