Tampa Bay Lightning’s Rick Malone Arrested for DUI


Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Star Rick Malone Arrested on DUI Charges Early Saturday morning, April 12th, Tampa Bay Lightning’s left wing Rick Malone was arrested on DUI charges, as well as for possession of cocaine. The 34-year-old hockey star was arrested around 5:40 AM in Tampa, FL, according to a police report. Reportedly, a police officer saw Malone’s SUV strike a curb, so the officer pulled Malone over. When he smelled alcohol on Malone’s breath, the officer asked Malone to take a field sobriety test, which Malone refused. However, … [Read more...]

Woman Violates DUI Probation, Brags on Facebook

DUI probation

Michigan Woman Violates Terms of DUI Probation but Caught after Bragging on Facebook A Michigan woman has been arrested after violating the terms of her probation for a 2012 DUI after bragging about drinking on St. Patrick’s Day on Facebook. Colleen Cudney, 22, was arrested on her first DUI charges in 2012. She was convicted, but sentenced to probation, during which she agreed she would not indulge in any alcoholic beverages. After this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, she was called in for a random Breathalyzer test. Although she had … [Read more...]

Colorado Campaigns Against DUID from Marijuana


“Stoned Driving” Campaign Warns About DUID Colorado recently passed legislation legalizing recreational marijuana use. However, the legislation has increased DUI charges as drivers are being pulled over for driving under the influence of marijuana. To help combat the problem, the Colorado Department of Transportation released the “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign on Thursday, March 6th. The series of ads take a humorous spin on the situation, showing spacey marijuana users behind the wheel, flaking out on easy, everyday tasks. One of the … [Read more...]

Kerry Kennedy Not Guilty of DUI from Drugs

Kerry Kennedy

Jury Finds Kerry Kennedy Not Guilty for DUI After Taking Sleeping Pills A four-day trial and jury deliberation for less than two hours led to a “not guilty” verdict for human rights activist Kerry Kennedy in a trial alleging misdemeanor DUI from prescription drugs. Kennedy is the former wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and niece of John F. Kennedy. At her trial, she was accused of negligent driving after she took a prescription sleeping pill. She stated that she accidentally took the sleeping pill … [Read more...]

Man Going 107 MPH Arrested for 3rd DUI Offense

3rd DUI offense

Man Driving 107 MPH through Kershaw County Arrested on 3rd DUI Offense A man, who reportedly had two prior DUI convictions already, was arrested on Friday, January 31st, for driving 107 mph under the influence of alcohol, a 3rd DUI offense. According to officers at the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office, Matthew Christopher Temples, 25, from Newberry, was weaving in and out of traffic while driving down I-20. He was pulled over at around 5:15 PM for driving 107 miles per hour down the interstate. Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI, Resisting Arrest

Justin Bieber

Pop Star Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami on DUI Charges Early on the morning of Thursday, January 23rd, Justin Bieber was pulled over in Miami after a police officer saw the teen pop star drag racing down the street. Bieber was arrested on charges of DUI, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license. "What the f*** did I do? Why did you stop me?" Bieber demanded of the arresting police officer when he was pulled over just after 4 a.m., according to the arrest report. The 19-year-old pop idol failed a sobriety test and was booked … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana Patients in Arizona Still Face DUI

medical marijuana

Patients with Medical Marijuana Cards in Arizona Can Still Face DUI Charges Eighteen states, including Arizona, have passed legislation allowing residents to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, Arizona still has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to intoxication and DUI law, and people with even a trace amount of marijuana in their systems can face DUI charges for having trace THC in their blood. The law hinges on a “secondary metabolite” of marijuana called Carboxy-THC. If the metabolite shows up in a blood sample, the person … [Read more...]

California Crime Lab DUI Errors Could Affect 900 Cases

crime lab

Orange County DUI Crime Lab Had Problem with Errors, Could Affect Hundreds of DUI Cases The Orange County Crime Lab recently sent letters to 900 people because of an error they discovered in their DUI blood test results. The lab underwent an audit in October and discovered the mistakes, which the lab claims will only affect 200 DUI cases, and could only clear the names of about 20 people. Reportedly, the error occurred when some data was not properly saved. The crime lab uses two blood test machines to determine DUI, and averages the … [Read more...]

Privatization of Liquor Sales in WA State Leads to Fewer DUI Arrests

liquor sales

DUI Arrests Down in WA State After Privatization of Liquor Sales Last Year One year after the state of Washington privatized their liquor sales, raw data from the Washington State Patrol shows that DUI arrests are not going up, as some people feared, but seem to be trending downward. The Washington Policy Center, an independent, nonpartisan think tank, extrapolated the data. The center looked at data on DUI arrests from the 2008-2009 fiscal year, and compared it to data from the 2012-2013 fiscal year. “When the initiative (to privatize … [Read more...]

Charleston Detention Center Officer Arrested for DUI

Detention Center Officer

Detention Center Officer in Charleston, SC Arrested on DUI Charges A 51-year-old Charleston detention center officer was arrested and charged with DUI on Sunday, October 27th. Anthony E. Middleton, who is employed at the Al Cannon Detention Center, was arrested on Sunday around 3 AM. Deputies say that the man was spotted on I-26 when he failed to keep his vehicle in the correct lane. A deputy pulled Middleton over and spoke with him. The deputy reported classic signs of intoxication, including slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and the odor … [Read more...]