Woman Sues Bar After Underage DUI Crash Left Her Paralyzed

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A 20-year-old woman , who chose to drink and drive is suing Jock’s Sport Grill, located in Blufton, SC, for not checking her ID.

According to reports, the woman, who was twenty and therefore underage at the time, spent several hours at the bar drinking with friends and playing pool.  Instead of calling a cab, the woman attempted to drive herself home at approximately 1:00 AM the next morning.  On the way home, she drove her car off of the road resulting in a car crash  that left her paralyzed.

The woman, now 22, claims that the bartender should have asked for her ID prior to serving her drinks at the bar.

Officials say she was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle and hurled 20 ft.  She suffered severe injuries that left her a paraplegic.

According to the lawsuit, the victim says  the bartender should have asked if she was old enough to buy alcohol or if she was drunk when she was in the bar.

The now 22 year old has also sued the Department of Transportation and the town of Bluffton and Beaufort County claiming they had failed to properly maintain the road where she wrecked her vehicle.

The lawsuit claims the wheels of the victim’s 2000 Mitsubishi car ‘suddenly dropped off into a large unmaintained area on the shoulder of Alljoj Road, which caused her to lose control of her car and roll the vehicle off the side of the road.

In its response to the lawsuit, Schubert Place LLC, operator of Jock’s Sport Grill, denied the victim’s claims saying “she was responsible for her injuries due to her acts of ‘negligence, recklessness, willfulness and gross negligence.”

The South Carolina Department of Transportation also blamed the driver saying the accident occurred due to her irresponsibility, including driving while intoxicated and failing to keep her vehicle under control.

The driver, now aged 22, is seeking punitive damages that could run into millions and cover the cost of her round-the-clock health care.

By: South Carolina DUI Lawyer Pete Strom.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2080037/Woman-sues-bar-carding-got-drunk-driving-car-crash-left-paralyzed.html#ixzz1i1lLzQZX