How Prom Hair and Protective Parenting Lead to Jail time

From Lexington High School to A.C. Flora, its time for the prom, class parties and graduation trips. Whether you are browsing prom dresses for 2010, looking at prom hair, prom makeup, planning your first week trip to Myrtle Beach, or deciding what to wear for graduation, I bet jail time is the last thing from your mind. However, for many students, this rite of passage involves alcohol, provoking the dilemma of how to properly parent the situation. Enter the clever parent with the ideal solution to minimize the otherwise risky behavior and … [Read more...]

Teen Disney Star Arrested for Underage DUI

Disney Channel Star Arrested for Underage DUI in Malibu An 18-year-old Disney television star has been arrested for underage DUI charges after being pulled over for speeding near Los Angeles. Billy Unger, star of the Disney XD series “Lab Rats,” was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway around midnight on Saturday morning, when he was pulled over for speeding. Police suspected Unger was drunk when they pulled him over, so they had him blow into a Breathalyzer. Although Unger blew a 0.08 – the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) in most … [Read more...]

Six Kershaw County Businesses Busted for Underage Drinking

Six Clerks in Kershaw County Cited for Allowing Underage Drinking and Selling Alcohol to Minors Six clerks at businesses in Kershaw County were cited on Wednesday, March 19th, for selling alcohol to minors and thereby allowing underage drinking. The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office undercover operation used underage volunteers, with their parents knowledge and consent, to attempt to buy alcohol at 24 establishments. They were successful in 6 cases. Citations for underage drinking and selling alcohol to minors were issued to the BP service … [Read more...]

College Presidents Want Drinking Age Lowered

South Carolina DUI Lawyer Fervor is growing on the ongoing underage drinking debate as college presidents from around the country are voicing their opinions. The movement called the Amethyst Initiative recruited presidents from major universities like Duke, Darmouth and Ohio State. This movement does not come without opposition. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) feels university presidents are only using this as means for escape from current alcohol problems on campuses. University presidents and MADD agree that alcohol use and abuse … [Read more...]

“Out Of Their Hands” Targets Underage Drinking

Spring is in the air.  From Lexington High to Dreher, for many high school students that means it’s time to shop for a dress, rent a tuxedo, or purchase a cap and gown.  Prom, high school graduation, and first week at the beach often go hand in hand with underage drinking.  Underage drinking is a serious problem in South Carolina and can lead to serious consequences.  South Carolina has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking. If you are arrested for an alcohol related offense in South Carolina you risk losing your drivers … [Read more...]