Comedian Chris Kattan Sentenced to Probation and Rehab for DUI

Former SNL Star Sentenced to Probation and Rehab for DUI A former Saturday Night Live star, Chris Kattan, has been sentenced to probation and rehab classes, for a DUI charge from this past February. Earlier this year, Kattan crashed into the back of a California State Department of Transportation vehicle in the Encino area, while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He was arrested after the crash around 2 AM and charged with DUI. No one was injured in the accident. On Thursday, September 4th, Kattan was sentenced to 3 years’ … [Read more...]

David Cassidy’s Latest DUI Lands Him in Rehab

David Cassidy Required to go to Rehab, Gets Probation, After Latest DUI In the trial for his third DUI arrest since 2010, David Cassidy was given 5 years’ probation, and ordered to go to rehab. Cassidy’s sentence including 60 months of probation, along with 90 days’ live-in rehab for alcohol abuse, in connection with his latest DUI arrest, which occurred in January of this year near the Los Angeles International Airport. In addition to the rehab stint and probation, the former pop singer will also undergo a 9-month alcohol education … [Read more...]