Marijuana DUI Crash Leads to Injuries, Arrest

Eight People Injured in Marijuana DUI Crash in WA State A woman from Granite Falls, Washington faces serious charges related to marijuana DUI after she caused a crash that injured eight people, including children. Heather Marie Lee, 26, allegedly told officers that she had “smoked a bowl” earlier that day, and troopers reported finding a marijuana pipe in her car. She and several other people were injured in the crash, and were taken to the hospital for treatment. Lee has also been booked into Snohomish County Jail on multiple charges of … [Read more...]

Arizona Overturns Marijuana DUI Ruling

Arizona Court Says Lingering Marijuana Not Enough to Prosecute for DUI Currently, 21 states and Washington, DC have passed legislation allowing medical use of marijuana, and two states – Colorado and Washington State – allow recreational use of the drug. These laws, however, have led to more DUI arrests related to marijuana use, and complicated DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs) laws. Arizona, although it allows medical marijuana use, has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to intoxication and DUI law, and until recently, people … [Read more...]